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Hey, Beki's here from #C and LJ land. Who else is here?
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The short, fat bastard enters the Place. Some noisy black and white birds and a couple of bats circle above his head, and a small, spiny creature waddles along behind his feet. "Time for a beer!" he says happily as he takes a seat.
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Greetings and salutations

The red-headed Valkyrie Goodwench enters through the front door with the big crack in it (courtesy of Big Beef McCaffrey's head). She walks across the empty room, smacks the jukebox into play and moves to the empty bar, boot heels echoing in the silence. Tossing her braid back over her shoulder, she reaches behind the bar, grabs a snifter and the bottle of drambuie, pulls up a bar stool and waits...